Pakistani Food Day celebrated at D.C Public Schools

Date : 16-01-2022



Pakistani Food Day celebrated at D.C Public Schools

Pakistani Food Day was celebrated in public schools all across Washington, D.C and popular Pakistani street food ‘ Aalo Channa ‘ curry was served during lunch time.

Ambassador Dr. Asad Majeed Khan in his recorded message for the students of DC public schools said that Pakistan is geographically located at the confluence of South , Central and Western Asia as well as proud inheritors of civilizations as old as Indus Valley, Gandhara and Mehrgarh which is essentially reflected in the depth and breadth of our exquisite cuisine.

Mayoral Proclamation declaring November 9, 2021 as Pakistani Food Day as part of DC Public Schools’ International Food Days was also issued.

This flagship initiative of International Food Day celebrations by the Global education department at DC public schools is part of a broader effort towards increasing the awareness and global competence of DC public schools’ students through global cuisine and culture.