Consular Services » Power of Attorney/Attestation of Documents

Please note that all Documents which require attestation/legalization from the Embassy of Pakistan are required to be submitted in person at the Embassy's counter.

Fee for legalization is required to be paid through PIN (Debit Card) at the Consular Section counter. No cash payment is accepted.


Power of Attorney/Attestation/Legalization of Documents


Power of Attorney (PoA) is a legal document that authorizes a person to represent or act on someone else's behalf. It is a written statement declaring that Person A authorizes Person B to take important decisions on behalf of person A, especially in legal matters.


1. Applicant must bring the original Power of Attorney in person along with his original CNIC/NICOP and Passport. The Executant must sign the Power of Attorney in presence of Embassy's Consular Staff Member. Already signed copy of Power of Attorney will not be accepted (Power of Attorney is required to be prepared by the executant himself)

2. Proforma for Attestation of Power of Attorney (Available in Consular Forms) (Please note this form is not a power of attorney, this form is only required for uploading the Executant and Attorney's details on the weblink).

3. Two Photographs of Executant are required (One to be pasted on the Power of Attorney).

4. Two photocopies of CNIC/NICOP/Passport of Executant along with original to be shown at the embassy.

5. Please note that after legalization of Power of Attorney  by the Embassy, the deadline for registration of the Power of Attorney with the concerned Assistant Commissioner/Additional Collector/Sub Registrar in Pakistan etc, meant for attorney/nominee is four months (120 Days).

6. Fee for Attestation/Legalization of Power of Attorney is Euro 16/-. (If the executants are more than 2 persons the fee will be charged double (Euro. 32) and triple (Euro. 48) for more than 4 persons).


Attestation of Documents issued in Pakistan

1. The Embassy only attest those Pakistani Documetns which are already attested from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Islamabad or its camp offices in Provincial capitals of Pakistan. Therefore, All Pakistani documents (e.g. Educational Certificates/NADRA Certificates etc...) must be attested/legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan before attestation at this Embassy.

2. One photocopy is required to be submitted with the original document along with photocopies of CNIC/NICOP/Passport.

3. Fee for Attestation/Legalization of Documents issued in Pakistan is Euro 16/- per document.


Attestation of Documents issued in Netherlands


1. Foreign documents (i.e. Dutch) must be first legalized/attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Netherlands before attestation at this Embassy.

2. Photocopies of all the documents to be legalized are to be submitted alongwith original.

3. Fee for Attestation/Legalization of Documents issued in the Netherlands is Euro 80/- per document.



Non Attestable Documents


Identity cards and its translation, criminal Judgments/FIRs, Political/Criminal Disputes, domicile, photographs, invitation letters, visa notes, insurance papers, charity documents of NGO’s and papers of registry and sale/purchase of land etc. will not be attested.

Halal Certificate, Slaughter Certificate, IELTS/TOEFEL etc. certificates, ISO standardization and all international certificates, Applications of all kinds will not be attested.

Reference letters from professors etc. both from abroad as well as national educational institutions and character certificates from educational institutions are not attested.