The George Washington University’s undergraduate class visits the Embassy

Date : 16-01-2022



The George Washington University’s undergraduate class visits the Embassy

The Ambassador of Pakistan Dr. Asad Majeed Khan had an interactive session with a group of undergraduate students from George Washington University at the Embassy.

The Ambassador gave a detailed briefing on Pakistan’s history, culture & society and Pakistan’s foreign policy including Pakistan-US relations. He said that Pakistan was a proud inheritor of some of the oldest civilizations including Mehargarh civilization (7000 BCE to 5500 BCE), Indus Valley civilization (5000 BCE) and Gandhara Civilization (1400 BCE to 800 BCE). He also apprised the students of the topographical and cultural diversity of Pakistan.

On Pakistan-US relations, Ambassador Khan said that Pakistan has strong economic, cultural and educational linkages with the US. Since its creation, Pakistan has remained close friend and partner of the US. Together, both countries have achieved some of the most important successes in the global geo-political arena in the last 74 years.

Ambassador Khan told students that US-Pakistan partnership still continues with the aim to bring peace and stability in Afghanistan and the region. After the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, Pakistan has facilitated a safe passage to thousands of people wishing to leave Afghanistan. He added that Pakistan looks forward to continue working with the US and other international partners to avert a humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan and bring back peace and stability to Afghanistan and the region.

Ambassador Khan said that Pakistan was a peace-loving country which desired friendly relations with all states, especially its neighbors. Unfortunately, India’s unilateral and illegal actions in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu & Kashmir (IIOJ&K) on 5 August 2019 and the continuing human rights violations of innocent people of IIOJ&K have vitiated the strategic environment in South Asia.

The Ambassador’s remarks were followed by a question and answer session. The students conveyed deep appreciation for the opportunity to learn about Pakistan and expressed their gratitude for a very informative session with the Ambassador.


Washington D.C, November 24, 2021