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Visa Requirements


1. Duly filled-in application form in CAPITAL LETTERS.

2. Two recent passport size colour photographs (3.5cm x 4.5cm) with light blue background.

3. Original Passport (valid for at least 6 months) along with two copies of first page and copies of previous visas.

4. In case of business visa, a letter of invitation from Pakistan based company plus original guarantee letter of local company (Two sets of visa application with all documents are required for Business visas).

5. In case of Non-Dutch Passport, a copy of the Dutch Residence Permit.

6. In case of tourist visa, a letter from any registered tourist organization in Pakistan plus introductory letter/letter from employer.

7. In case of visit visa, a valid original letter of invitation along with CNIC of invitee, both dully attested by the local authorities. An introductory letter/letter from employer required.

8. In case of children of Pakistani origins, the Birth Certificate or any other document showing name of parents and copies of parent passports/IDs

9. In case of foreign spouses of Pakistanis or Pakistani origin, the marriage certificate along with copies of ID and Passport.

10. In case of family re-union visas of Pakistani origin, proof of Pakistan origin is required like birth certificate and ID of parents.

11. Visa fee for Business Visa is 108 Euros and all other types of visas is 72 Euro for Dutch nationals. For Visa of Non-Dutch nationals fee is determined on reciprocal basis.

12. Please don't forget to fill in your local phone number and your email address.

13. In case of children travelling with parents, birth certificates proving relationship are to be attached.

14. According to the new procedure, In case of NGO visas, all applications are referred to the Ministry of Interior in Islamabad for clearance. The Embassy has no means to expedite the process. NGO visa applications are to be submitted in five (5) sets with one photograph on each application. 


Clarification regarding Family Visit Visas to Foreign nationals of Pakistani Origin

It may kindly be noted that the basic requirements for issuance of visit visas (explained above) are to be followed while applying for Family visit visa. However for Foreign Nationals of Pakistani origin the invitation letter is not required if they attach a copy of their old Pakistani National Identity Card or Passport. Please note that visa applications without supporting documents clarifying the purpose of visit and/or any proof of Previous Pakistani nationality cannot qualify for issuance of family visit visas on the basis of place of birth in Pakistan (wrtten in a Foreign Passport) or previous Pakistani visas alone.


Requirements for Journalist Visa

Journalists posted in bureaus / Documentary team / Journalists on a short visit can apply for the visa through Pakistan Missions either in:

  • Country of origin / Passport issuing country
  • Country of headquarter of media house
  • Country where the journalist is accredited/ based
  • Visa processing time is four to six weeks

Visa Extension for Journalists

External Publicity Wing (EPW) processes visa extension cases of Islamabad based journalists on year to year basis.

Visa Extension to non-based Journalists

E.P. Wing can give one month extension in visa with two re-entries on case to case basis.

Permission to visit places other than Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi

Journalists are requested to please confine their visits to Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore. However, if they intend to visit any other place(s), visa application should contain the name of such place(s) and purpose and dates of visit(s).

Following Information please be submitted along with the visa application. 

  • Profile of media organization.
  • Credentials/ CV of the journalist
  • Synopsis of the documentary (if relevant)
  • Copies of passport – 4
  • Photographs – 08
  • Detailed itinerary / places to be visited