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The Embassy of Pakistan, The Hague accepts documents for the renunciation of Pakistan nationality which will then be forwarded to Directorate General, Immigration and Passports (Headquarters), Islamabad. The DG IMPASS (HQ) takes at least four to five months to process a case. The nationality of child below 21 years of age can only be renounced with the application of his/her father provided the child is living abroad and the Dutch government has also given an assurance letter for the child and asked for Renunciation of Pakistani citizenship.


Two separate sets of following documents must be provided for the Renunciation of Nationality:

Important to Note

*  All Photocopies must be made on A4 size Paper (Please do not cut copies of Passport and CNIC/NICOP). Please DO NOT Pin or staple your documents.

*  It is also advised to keep  a set of copies of all your Pakistani Documents for yourself before submitting to Embassy.



1.    Form-X and Particulars duly typed along with 04 photocopies (Original Form and copies must bear original signatures of the applicant)

2.    Computer Performa duly filled (Sr. No. 4-12) along with 04 photocopies.

3.    All Pakistani Passports (valid and expired) to be submitted in original along with two copies of first two pages (in case of manual hand written passports copies of 1-7 pages)

4.    Two copies of NICOP/CNIC (Please make copies of front and back on the same page).

5.    Six recent passport size Photographs (Only One Photo to be pasted on Original Form X and 5 Photos to be submitted separately). 

6.    Two Copies of first page of Dutch passport.

7.    Original Letter from Dutch Ministry of Justice/IND for renunciation of nationality along with two photocopies.

8.    English translation of above letter of Dutch Ministry of Justice for renunciation along with two photocopies.

9.    Fee for cancellation of Pakistani Passport is Euro 16/- (To be paid at the Embassy’s counter through Debit Card (PIN).



1.    One photocopy of filled and signed Form - `X` and Particulars

2.    One photocopy of Computer Performa

3.    One photocopy of First Two pages of all Pakistani Passports (in case of Manual Hand written passports, copies of 1-7 pages)

4.    One photocopy of CNIC / NICOP.

5.    One photograph, Please Paste it with Gum on Form X.

6.    One photocopy of Dutch Passport.

7.    One photocopy of letter from Dutch Ministry of Justice for renunciation of citizenship.

8.    One photocopy of English translation of letter from Dutch Ministry of Justice form renunciation of citizenship.



  • If your children (below 21 Years age) already have Dutch Citizenship, please DO NOT enter their names in Form-X. If Dutch Ministry of Justice has offered citizenship to the children below 21 years and asked for Renunciation of Pakistani citizenship, please enter their names in their father’s Renunciation Application. However as per Pakistani law:
    • Every such minor child of that person as is residing outside Pakistan shall, thereupon, ceases to be a citizen of Pakistan provided any such child may, within one year of his completing the age of 21 years, makes a declaration that he wishes to resume the citizenship of Pakistan and shall upon making of such declaration becomes a citizen of Pakistan.
    • Every such minor of that person as is residing in Pakistan shall continue to be a citizen of Pakistan.
  • The Renunciation Certificate would be issued as per details of the applicant written on the Form-X. Therefore, name spellings on Form-X, NICOP, Pakistan Passport, Assurance letter/foreign Passport should be the same. In case of any variation/name change, an application with supporting document may be attached with the application.
  • The cases of renunciation are handled by the Directorate General of Immigration & Passports (IMPASS), and their email address is:
  • The Process of Renunciation of Pakistani Citizenship may take 04 to 05 Months. 
  • Renunciation Certificate once received from IMPASS will be handed over to the applicant on production of NADRA's receipt of cancellation of ID card (NICOP/CNIC) which can be done through NADRA's online system.