Registration of Stranded Pakistanis - Message from Mr. Aizaz Khan, Charge d' Affaires a.i.

Date : 11-04-2020



All Pakistani nationals in the Netherlands who are here on Visit / Tourist Visa or "Student Visa" (If the validity of student visa has expired or expiring soon) and are unable to return back to Pakistan due to suspension of flight operations are advised to immediately contact and register with the Embassy with the following details :


Passport number:

Visa category :

Visa Expiry date:

Phone/WhatsApp number :

Address in the Netherlands:


The above information should be sent by Email at :


The same can also be shared by whatsapp in message form at : 0031685279862 (This is Charge d'affaires' personal WhatsApp number)


i. This message is for those stranded Pakistanis/ Students who have not shared the data with the Embassy of Pakistan in the Hague

ii. This does not apply to Pakistani nationals having "Residency card/permit" in the Netherlands or those who have "Refugee/ Asylum" status. Thank you