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Power of Attorney/Attestation/Legalization of documents

1. Applicant must be present in person along with original NADRA card.

2. Copies of NADRA card.

3. Witnesses must be present if mentioned on the document (Original NADRA cards along with copies of witnesses are required).

4. Foreign documents (i.e. Dutch) must be first legalized/attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Netherlands before attestation at this Embassy.

5. Pakistani documents must be attested/legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan before attestation at this Embassy.

6. Copy of legalized document/Power of Attorney.

7. Please don't forget to fill in your local phone number and your email address.

8. Please note that the Power of Attorney is to be signed in front of the Consular official of the Embassy; not before coming to the Embassy.

9.  The photographs of the executant and witnesses are required to be pasted on the Power of Attorney, before it is presented for attestation at the Embassy.

10. All documents for attestation have to be submitted alongwith a photocopy for record of the Embassy.

11. Please note that after execution of the Power of Attorney  by the Embassy the deadline for registration of the power of attorney from the concerned Assistant Commissioner / Additional Collector/ Sub Registrar etc, meant for attorney/ nominee is four months.