Consular Services » Renunciation of Pakistani Citizenship

Requirements for renunciation of Pakistan citizenship

1. Download, print and fill in Six copies of Form X plus Six copies of Computer Form (the forma are available in the "Consular Forms" on this website (please see above).

2. Original valid Pakistani Passport with three sets copies of relevant pages

3. NICOP/CNIC & three sets of copies.

4. Fee 16 Euros.

5. Seven recent passport size Photographs with light blue background, 

6. Three Copies of the Dutch passport

7. Original letter of Dutch Ministry of Justice for renunciation of nationality along with English translation (three copies each)

8. Please don't forget to fill in your local phone number and your email address.

9. After the issuance of renunciation certificate, the applicant should apply for his/her CNIC/NICOP cancellation through the website of NADRA using the following link: