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Machine Readable Passport (MRP) service is available in the Embassy.

MRP is Computerized Travel document which is readable by machines installed at all immigration check points in the World to verify the authenticity of the travellers. Issuance of MRP is an automated process and it does not require a picture or hand written form. The applicant personally visits the issuance site and the data including photograph, Biometrics (figure prints) are captured through computer after online verification of the National Identity card.


Basic Requirements for Adult Applicant

  • Original Valid NICOP/CNIC (with one NICOP/CNIC Photo copy)
  • Original previous Passport (Used during last visit to Pakistan) along with copy of Passport (Copies of pages 1,2 and 7 are required in case of manual passport).
  • For Married Women; NICOP with Husband´s name mentioned on it.


Basic Requirements for applicants under 18 years of age.

  • Original valid NICOP/ Computerized Registration Certificate (CRC) with one copy.
  • Father’s/Mother’s NICOP (With one photocopy).
  • Valid Pakistani passport copies of parents.


Dual Nationality Holders

  • Original Valid NICOP/CNIC (With one photocopy)
  • Original previous Passport (used during last visit to Pakistan) along with copy of Passport.
  • Valid Original Foreign Passport, (With one photocopy).


Fee Structure for Issuance of Passport (for 36 pages 5 years validity)

One Month for delivery of normal Passport, fee 36 Euros.

Urgent delivery of normal Passport (15 days), fee 66 Euros.

Lost Passport:  

In case of loss of Passport - Copy of Passport, Police Report bearing number and other details of lost document is required, along-with English translation.


Please Note:

If the applicant does not have valid CNIC/NICOP, MRP cannot be issued and application for issuance of NICOP is to be submitted (see NICOP requirements)